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Spelt banana and cranberry bread


I am trying to cut down on refined sugar but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped having (unrefined) sugar cravings. Banana bread is a quite healthy option when I feel like indulging myself.

This time I decided to add an extra ingredient: cranberries. I’ve always liked cranberries but I never had them in a cake. On an apple that comes straight out of the oven, yes. In my oatmeal? Yes. In a cake? Never tried it before. Until now. And I’m glad I did: it adds some delicious tartness to an otherwise sweet cake.


The good thing about this recipe: no refined sugar – it uses honey – and no butter but oil instead. I added half a pack of fresh cranberries and some chopped up walnuts and used more peanut oil than olive oil as I was afraid you might taste the olive oil.


This turned out to be a great cake: quite moist, with the right hint of cinnamon and those delicious cranberries. So who needs refined sugar when you can have this?


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